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August 20, 2009

Hadoop World NYC 2009

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On October 2nd the Hadoop World is going to take place in NYC. The event will be split into training- and talk-sessions. The long list of topics that have been scheduled:

  • Hadoop Usage at Yahoo!, Yahoo!
  • Data Warehousing, Facebook
  • Hadoop at IBM, IBM
  • Logs Analysis, Rackspace
  • Matchmaking, eHarmony
  • Analytics and Reporting, eBay
  • Transaction Analysis, Visa
  • Protein Alignment, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Natural Language, General Sentiment
  • Data Processing, JPMorganChase
  • Counting, Clustering and Other Tricks, NYTimes
  • Hadoop Deployment and Administration, Cloudera
  • Security, Authentication and API Stability, Yahoo!
  • Social/Network Analysis, Yahoo!
  • Vaidya: Autotune Hadoop, Yahoo!
  • Practical HBase: Getting the most from your HBase install, Microsoft
  • Monitoring Best Practices, About.com
  • Production Deep Dive with High Availability, Context Web
  • Low Latency Random HDFS Reads, Elastic Applications
  • Map/Reduce Count Optimizations, Spansion
  • Building Data Intensive Apps: TrendingTopics.org, Data Wrangling
  • A Real-Time BI Platform, Visible Measures
  • Hadoop and Clojure, Sonian Networks and Columbia University
  • Encryption in Public Clouds, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Data Mining Platform for Telecom Industry, China Mobile
  • Email Archiving System, NexR
  • Vertica Integration with Hadoop, Vertica
  • HadoopDB: A Parallel RDMS, Yale

For more information and registration details see: conference webpage or on the Cloudera Blog

One additional comment: It is intended to put video recordings of at least a subset of the talks online after the event is over.


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